I wandered lonely as a Bear,

I wandered lonely as a Bear,

Through Faerie woods and Raven hills

Learned strange and mystic wisdom there,

I never should eat daffodils

I woke with head of fluffy verse

And shoulders knotted up like rocks,

It must be said, the poets curse,

Why can’t I find my fucking socks?

Not getting wet, in stream I stood

Whilst chickens clucked upon the bank

It’s early yet, perhaps I could

Go back to bed and have a snooze



Well, it’s better than “Testing, testing, one two, one two…two two two”

Who knows, it might be the only thing I ever post…. but then again…

2 thoughts on “I wandered lonely as a Bear,

    • I may indeed like it, as it feeds a hunger… and it’s already stolen a weekend! So much to say, so little time!
      Glad you came – feels good to redress the balance a little and be “host” for a change.

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