Oh… Hello… Didn’t hear you come in.

Was there something you wanted?  If you’re looking for names and addresses I think you might have mistaken me for someone else… someone more physical, perhaps… someone less elusive…

Well I exist, clearly – unless you are having some ethereal psychotic episode and imagining me… but how would I know?

Perhaps just be content with the possibility of my existence, or the existence of my possibility if that’s any clearer, and maybe just take what is published for its face value.

I think you’ll find that on the page you just left, but I might be wrong.

Or just read the poetry, if you didn’t try that already.  I’m sure that tells more than a name… unless you happen to be called “Spiderman” or something really descriptive.


Still here?

Look, I’ve got to go now – a chicken just knocked on my door.  Well, it looks like a chicken, and all its companions look like chickens too, but I might be having an ethereal psychotic episode.  Stranger things have happened.

Go well, whoever you are, wherever you go.

Your thoughts are welcome.

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