I emerged in darkness, doubt, pain
Presaging imminent death
My death
Be aware
I was always there
Out of sight
Staying out of the light
Out of Life
Be aware
Born of my own shadow,
Born from my own dream
I burst forth in a flurry of darkness
Razor tipped
Trailing a mantle of Magick
A mantle I have always owned, rarely worn
Be aware ā€“ the Emperor’s old clothes let the night shine through
Unashamed honesty for those bold enough to witness
I rise to power on ebon wings
Shattering the mirror from beneath
Scattering shards of Silver
Deadly fragments of reflected light
Savagely unconscious of their power to wound
Be aware ā€“ the bright knives let the blood flow out
Honesty shamed, boldness forced to witless
I am the other side of Moonlight
The New, the Eclipse, the unseen
Be aware
I dedicate this death to Truth
I claim this life as my own
I am the soul survivor
Be aware

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