Bear with me…

This is not much of a “grand launch” but more of a trial by accident.  I tried to RTFM and found that not only were the FMs written for people who already knew what they were doing, by people who assumed everybody already had a certain familiarity, but that I actually needed an active blog on which to practise.

So in order to learn how to create a useable blog, I first had to create a blog… Does anyone else remember why the word meaning to start a computer is “Boot”?

Fortunately for me, I’m no technophobe… in fact the irony is that the entire concept of blogging fundamentally depends on the real internet – the actual physical network of servers and switches and mind numbingly high capacity data networks that I used to build.  Seriously, if you so much as pick up a phone for a long distance call, chances are that somewhere between Europe and Asia those infinitesimal pulses of light that convey the content of your thoughts will at some point pass though equipment that I installed and commissioned.

And millions of people are tapping away at keyboards across the web, feeling frustrated if their upload bounces or their download takes a few seconds longer than expected, and they have not the slightest concept of quite how complex the structure of their reality is… I do.

So I apologize if my text layout is a bit off, for the absence of interesting photos, or a fundamental lack of “intuitive feel” navigating these few sparse pages… and don’t apologize at all for not linking in to Faceache or Titter (don’t get me started) but really when it all comes down to it, I’ve paid my dues to technology – I’ve paid a lifetimes subscription for myself, and probably everybody who ever reads this blog.

So if it’s all right with you, I’m going to walk outside to a wooden hen house, and get a real warm egg, to go in my real hot frying pan with some good bacon, and have an actual, physical, low tech nourishing breakfast.

And no, I don’t care that it’s 2:30 in the afternoon.

Have a real day, and I hope the sun shines on you.

Your thoughts are welcome.

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