Maybe the time will come when no one will flinch when I speak my truth, no one will wince if I show my heart.

Until then my Gravatar stands as guardian of my honesty, protecting this space from my own self censorship, holding the potential of being real, and being witnessed.  Maybe I’ll make full use of this, and maybe the habit of hiding will die slowly; if you are interested then you’ll find out.

There are already some of you who can hold that space for real, some who know me by various names, and even a few who could find me on a map.  If you have earned my trust, you will know. There are one or two who would stand and cheer if I went public with the whole of my truth… remember you are stronger than most, and I choose to be gentle with others who are more vulnerable.  I’ll show myself when I choose.  In this space, at this time, I choose to remain A Bear and keep other names for other places.  As always, your support is appreciated.

For now, heartfelt thanks to Liz Collier, who drew me before she knew me, and dances like a wild angel. When it comes to inspiring raw truth and natural honesty, she leads by example.

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