Life is not a relay race, where each generation passes the baton to their successor and then stumbles to a halt.

It is more like a rope, with the strands running alongside each other, twined together into cords to lend strength and flexibility, and with many cords twisted into the rope. Should a strand break, it may well weaken those strands before and after, yet the cord will remain intact, and the rope remain sound.

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    • Hi Selina. It’s my own quote… one of the random inspirations that come sleeting through my consciousness from time to time, and this one happened to arrive when I had pencil and paper handy.

      As for where I’ve been – well, where haven’t I been? Mundane reality grew thick and deep, and I was in over the tops of my wellies… head first, as always. Chronic exhaustion took it’s toll of both my emotional and physical health, and at the same time my psyche was devastated by a grief tsunami. Currently the rescue crews are picking through the rubble of my ego looking for surviving shreds of my true nature spirit personality (and demolishing any unstable remnants of super-ego before they topple and crush something I might actually value). As with any flood, all the sewage and contaminated landfill gets washed up and spread everywhere – it stinks, and it’s not healththy to dwell in, so I’m avoiding putting any of that into a post that might actually be around for a while. As I get things cleaned up I’ll start putting the more inspiring bits into the blog – I’d like this to be a record of my recovery and growth, a step towards life and health and the possibility of a future that sings, A future where I can live my truth.
      So… I’m glad you are reading, and I have posted another poem…

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